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Tell Cabela’s Retail Store Survey

Have you ever visit Cabela’s store for outdoor activities? then join Tell Cabela’s Retail Store Survey at or or pages. To enter Tell Cabela’s Survey, candidates needs to visit online survey page and enter your store number, transaction number, Date and other details to get $20 off a $150 purchase coupon.


Tell Cabela’s Survey

Eligibility: The Survey is open to legal residents of the United States and Canada, who are 18 years of age or older.

Duration: The Tell Cabela’s Customer Satisfaction Survey begins on January 01, 2019 and ends on December 31, 2019.

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Prizes: $20 off a $150 purchase coupon.

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  1. Richard A Johnson

    I could not complete your survey.The store location number would not work.#405.Call me 2184690628.

  2. Kevin

    Store-0484; Till-302; Op NO-720148533; Trans-2062; Date-5-11-19 Helped by Jay. Went to pick up Xbolt rifle that had ordered online; Jay helped me in fitting it out with a leupold scope and rings. Awesome group of guys in the gun section.

  3. Store0439 till101 trans1955
    Shopping was great
    Check out was great
    Cashier was very nice, knowledgeable and helpful

  4. bruce crockforb

    Have shopped cabelas for 32+years I`m DONE I looked up a marine gas fitting on your website $4.99 went to store $17.99!!! The boat gas tank “on sale” the store did not carry that brand and the one they had was $15 more 1 more thing when you advertise 10% of on Tuesday how about including in the ad that you must use your card! I`m done!!!

  5. jack sharpe


  6. Michael Hendrickson

    I called store 0439 in Charleston West Virginia inquiring about a Hummingbird Helix 7 that was on sale. Scott, not sure of his last name, works in fishing took my call. Scott went out of his way and not even his dept. to make sure it was in stock. It was and he placed my name on it for the next mornings pick up. Sure enough it was there but Scott wasn’t to be able to thank him. Good experience and friendly service. Thanks

  7. Scott

    Went online to complete online survey and wouldn’t accept number under barcode.Looks to be another type scam from Cabela’s. Tried several enteries and nothing worked! Must be to high tec for the average sucker. Thanks for nothing.

  8. Evan Galbato

    First time buying a rifle and it was nothing short of awesome. The employee who helped me was extremely nice and wanted to make sure that I had the right caliber for the right job. Big thank you to Patrick who was awesome to work with!

    1. Avery Smitheal

      10/10 experience buying a new pair of binoculars. Helped by Curtiss – he is very knowledgeable and friendly.

  9. Zelman Gage

    Went to Cabela’s to look for a canopy chair. They had one. Went into BassProShops to see what they had and I found a few items that I was needing that I didn’t know was available.Fun browsing, exercise and I don’t mind paying for things that I need.

  10. Darryl G

    I would like to thank the following Cabelas employees who provided excellent service and a solution to an online order mix up that was handled with courtesy and professionalism. I am very satisfied with results and I will continue to shop at that location because of the pleasant experience. Thank you all. Tanya,Andrew,Matt,Melissa and Erin.

  11. Jim Bowling

    to do a cabela’s survey is not very user friendly…..had to give up after
    4 attempts

  12. James F

    I tried to register for the 500 gift card it wouldnt let me finish because the phone number wouldnt take in the box.

  13. jim cozzo

    Could’nt complete the survey.My barcode didn’t state with an X

  14. Robert

    the Cabelas survey is just like my shopping experience, a whole lot of wasted time and a jumble mess

  15. Debra Aman

    I have been trying to get to the survey but the very initial one where it once the transaction number off of the receipt starting with an ex that does not work I put in every number even tried and asked when there’s not an x on this one I’m at the Grand Junction Colorado store I did make purchases today when I try to enter here where it says enter this contest it’s almost impossible I’ve been on the computer for 30 minutes now I have read at least 20 different types they do not let you make a comment this is the first place I can actually say something I think that it should be a little bit easier to be able to answer that contest and then when I finally got to one I thought would go through it said just I was unavailable and had a big X so this is the only one by reading other people’s comment and then it said in a small little box that I can make a comment so therefore I have not been able to enter the contest and if no one else can either then no one’s winning anything and that’s false advertising I love everything in that store I would shop there more often but if this is the first time that I’m actually allowed to fill out for a survey and I’m not a stupid person I cannot get to one so maybe you can figure that out

  16. Derek

    I went in to the Cabela’s store today in Rogers Minnesota with the intention to buy a compound bow. The customer service that I received from the gentleman that helped me in the Archery Department was absolutely perfect. The rest of the staff were absolutely amazing. They guided me made it a fun shopping experience. I left with a bow that I wanted and I could not have been more blessed. The last year I’ve been dealing with a six-year-old little girl with stage two kidney cancer me losing a home and going through health issues myself so to be able come to a store as amazing as Cabel’s and get the support and fully equipped for the sport I love doing and get the courtesy that I received I could not be more blessed and you will always be highly recommended to people in my eyes.

  17. Michael Gauer

    I had a great shopping experience today in the gun department. Kara was the sales person that made it as good as it gets. A Glock 21 was on my list of toys. Kara was on it! She even did a price comparison for me that got the Glock a little more affordable. Sure she did a great job but she was great company throughout the process as well. if you want perfect service without any pressure Kara is it! The Buda Texas store #0412 will continue to get my business!
    Thank You All
    Mike G

  18. Ron Schwarz

    I couldn’t complete your survey as it would not accept my area code so I couldn’t finish

  19. Don Gentry

    Went online to fill out the survey and there is not an X in my code below my barcode. If you wish for someone to participate in a survey maybe you should make sure that your system works correctly. I had a great experience in your Fort Mill SC store and was looking forward to bragging on your associates but your survey seems to be a joke!

  20. John Peitsmeyer

    Today went into waco store and was looking for some stuff to go fishing with. A worker Geno Vigil came up to me and asked me, can I help you find anything or set you up with bait advice. He hooked me up with the latest hot gear for bass fishing the store carries. Also answered all the questions that I had. Made me feel like I was an important customer to him. And that my business mattered. Can’t say enough about how he helped me, wish there were more employees that would take the same approach as Geno did. I will definitely be coming back to the waco store location because of his excellent service. Keep up the good work Cabelas love your stuff

  21. Charles Cain

    Why is it so difficult to get to the survey.
    why can’t you just type in “” and get the survey??
    instead of searching through ten differant locations and none of them working????!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Joel

    I’d be surprised if even this comment goes anywhere. As stated by numerous others the access code does not start with an X. I had a horrible customer service experience that i wished to leave at the location. But just the same as the workers in the store this site is crap as well. There are lots of other choices out there and I for one will use them.

  23. Duane Dorn

    I just went to the Richfield Wi. Cabelas. I was looking for new camo. I was surprised to see all the camo pushed into a small corner of the store with very little selection and limited camo patterns. This was on Oct.4.Not like it was off season. The normal area for hunting clothes was filled with every day clothing.Looked to see what they had for trapping supplies and couldn’t find anything.They seem to be sliding down hill the same as Gander Mtn.did.Yuppies dont need another store, they already have plenty.Go back to hunting and fishing.

  24. luis r garcia jr

    Just visited store #0464 and were very well helped by all the employees that we requested assistance from specially by a nice man named Jesse that enabled us to get our customer number.

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