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FreshCo Customer Feedback Survey

Have you ever visit FreshCo Supermarket for fresh chopper and received purchase receipt? then join FreshCo Customer Feedback Survey at page and you could win validation code. To enter Freshco Survey, candidates needs to visit survey page and enter the details of your purchase receipt to get a validation code.

FreshCo-Survey Customer Feedback Survey

Eligibility: The Survey is open to legal residents of the United States, who are 18 years of age or older.

Duration: The My Freshco Contest begins on May 8, 2022 and ends on August 6, 2022.

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  • (1) Grand Prize: $500 FreshCo Gift Card

Winner Drawing:

  • A random draw will occur on August 15, 2022 from all eligible entries received during the Contest Period.

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Updated: May 19, 2022 — 8:53 am


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  1. receipt says to enter contest to win $500 in gift cards for FreshCo. at my local store in Scarborough Ontario. Did the store survey at the site listed on the receipt. There is NO place to enter the contest. When you try to go to the Entry Page page is not found. What gives? I gave a pretty good review of the store and service only to want to retrace my answers when I found I was being scammed. Please give me any feed back on this I am a regular at your store and am very disappointed to see that the contest or chance for the give way is not a valid one on FreshCo. part.

    1. Same comment as Bobbie Hart only I am in Barrhaven. What gives?
      Will refrain from shopping at FreshCo in future.

  2. amazing price

  3. there is no place to enter the contest on my receipt, and I see others replying the same thing

  4. Wow – feeling really misled here. Same comment as B. Hart and other Canadian shoppers, who thought we could enter the contest described on our receipts. Disappointed in this for sure. Site is hard to find, impossible to enter the contest, site is buggy – indeed, this whole things seems dodgy. Does not reflect well on the company – Freshco OR Sobeys.

  5. It is assure thing ,Freshco doesn’t want you to win 500 bucks.

    1. couldn’t sign up for the contest….they have the info on the receipt and want you to do it… yet you can’t .
      Very frustrating and misleading…false & untrue these are bad qualities…makes me rethink where I’ll shop next week….Independent store

  6. tried to visit the site but like everyone everything but the 500 00 contest


  7. i am like all of you could not find contest , must be scram

  8. there is no place to enter the contest on my receipt, and I see others replying the same thing

  9. Tried the feedback mentioned on the receipt, but there is no survey.
    What’s happening. Is there a chance to win $500.00?

  10. Have noticed Freshcos pricing inching up, don’t think their resorting to “scam” advertising though. obviously they and the parent company are making a good profit, like the lottary should do, share the wealth, make 50 people millionairs not one, stop the error ridden on_line offers, keep your prices low so we can all enjoy the variety of what this life has to offer.

  11. Where are we supposed to enter to possibly win $500.00 on gift cards??

  12. Seriously Fresh Co, we have to hunt to leave a review of spending our money in your store ??!!500.00 ?????
    My time is precious and will not waste it here or in your store. If I need to I will price match at NO Frills. Which is right across the street in Courtice !!!!!!

  13. Very helpful customer service,fresh vegetables and fruits all at a wonderful price

  14. Not a high end grocery store, but I am generally satisfied, I appreciate prices are low enough and staff are friendly really no problems, and will take time to talk; and they are bringing in new items.

  15. What a misleading and confusing website. Why do the employees even bother to circle “the chance to win” – when clearly there is no survey to complete. A waste of their time and mine. Maybe we should ask why they are instructed to circle this?????

  16. Tried to do the survey only to find it is for U.S. residents !!
    I am in Canada. What gives, Freshco?

    1. Exactly, found the same thing.

  17. Couldn’t find the contest. It’s a scam
    It takes you to a different contest which isn’t what they are offering

  18. Only found the $500 giveaway eligible for American citizens, not Canadians ! What gives FreshCo ????

  19. Could not enter this contest for the 2nd time. What’s going on ? Is this a scam.

  20. So it’s now June 2020 and Freshco is STILL including this contest offer on their receipts, and there is STILL no sign of how to enter on the website!! Also, I noticed a few ppl commenting they were able to locate somewhere to enter, only to find it would only accept U.S. residents? It says right on my receipt ‘Eligible for residents over the age of majority of Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia’! Considering this was completely voluntary on their part, I find it really slimy to offer it then not follow through.

  21. I don’t know? It will take me to different contest is it same for everyone?

  22. What kind of a contest is this if you cannot enter

  23. Black Diamond Cheese was on sale for 3.88 right beside it in the display is Cracker Barrel for 8.99. When someone is not careful they take a Marble and a Old Cheddar thinking they are are all the same Brand. I got caught. What a rip off.

  24. could not find a place to enter the contest, so I guess I can’t win the contest.

  25. Cant find a place to enter in Canada

  26. Just went &did the survey for freshco, but as everyone else did entering. Very disappointed in Fresco stores.A real joke to all of us!!!!

  27. Couldn’t find the link to enter the chance to win a $500 gift card either. All kinds of links but nothing for the FreshCo gift card contest? Change the link on the FreshCo receipt if it isn’t correct please. Very disappointed because FreshCo is my go-to store for groceries.

  28. Lise Landsborough

    What happened shopped 08/01/2020 it said on receipt to enter contest but it ends August 1 same date so no contest at all .

  29. I was about to fill things out until I read all these comments. I used to love the Safeway Store that Freshco took over. I go to Freshco for the Pharmacy and some shopping. Having read all these comments about this scam taking place for a lousy $500.00 gift card I decided to stop going to Freshco and will go the extra distance to a Safeway Store. Also they fail to monitor the shoppers who never follow the arrows on the floor and risk passing covid-19.I have brought this up with the management but it is never enforced.

  30. Again all BS….. it’s for the states..not for us canadians

  31. Hi,
    Same response as many others. This seems to be a survey for US residents only, not Canadian residents as the receipt indicates. This should be addressed, Freshco.

  32. Shopped at Freshco on Market St. Brantford, Ont. All around bad shopping experience. Security check for mask compliance no longer at the door. People shopping without masks and only 2 checkouts open. Not Good!
    Will be shopping elsewhere. 1pm on Monday Nov. 16.

  33. We couldn’t figure out how to do this contest entry to win. Soooooo complicated and hard to read all the pages that come up and none of them mention this contest to win $100.

  34. Why does it say you have to of age in the US but there is no mention of Canada.

  35. This contest is nonexistent it seems…

  36. I am glad to see I am not the only one to realize Fresh Co contests are a scam, what do they want to gain out of it. Survey posted date is January 10th/2021 yet the contest was only valid till October 31th/2020. What a rip off.

  37. went to enter the contest and it took me to shoppers review for a chance to win $1500.00 then went into winners of said contest all the way back to January 2020 and this was the only month where it said under review, all other months nothing is or has happened. what gives this is only a info gathering site and then they sell your info and you get all kinds of junk and spam.

  38. Thank you,after reading some of your comments,it’s not worth to open the survey.

  39. Had a great experience the cashier was friendly all products we needed were there.Will shop there again

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