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The Pioneer Woman Magazine Caption Contest

Enter The Pioneer Woman Magazine Caption Contest at or page and try your luck to win a grand prize of $500 in the form of Check and Runners-Up will receive $50 in check. 

The Pioneer Woman Magazine Caption Contest

The Pioneer Woman Magazine Caption Contest

How to Participate: To join Pioneer Woman Magazine Contest, candidates needs to visit online entry page and follow on-screen instructions to complete online entry including your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and an original funny or clever caption for photograph that appears in the Spring 2023 issue of The Pioneer Woman Magazine. You also can enter in The Pioneer Woman Magazine Survey and The Pioneer Woman Magazine Giveaways.

Eligibility: The Contest is only open to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec), who have reached the age of majority in their state or territory of residence at time of entry.

Duration: The Pioneer Woman Caption Contest begins on March 9, 2023 at 12:01 AM (ET) and ends on April 14, 2023 at 11:59PM (ET).

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Pioneer Woman Caption Contest Winner Drawing & Prizes:


  • Grand Prize (1): $500 Check
  • Runners-Up (3): $50 Check

Winner Drawing:

  • The Winner will be notified within one (1) month of the last day of the Contest, via e-mail, and/or at Sponsor’s discretion, via phone or postal mail.

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  1. Lasso it up!!

    1. “These boots are made for baking and that’s just what they’ll do”

      1. Get along little doggie

    2. I only have ears for you

      1. Where is Santa I don’t see him ho ho ho

      2. If I only had my boots On when I went out to play today !!

    3. All I want for Christmas is Alex and Paige home….

      1. Beyond the big blue horizon

    4. Hang in there, God’s got this

  2. Watch out Ladd, I’m coming for you next!

    1. “Welcome to my frontier kitchen”

    2. ” Rollin,rollin,rollin down the hay rolls . “

  3. Spring training Rees style

    1. This ain’t my first rodeo.

  4. I got this!

    1. Don’t worry, I’m just checking that the” merc”handise is in the bag !

      1. All I ever get is dog food. One taste of what you are cooking would not kill me.

  5. Just roping the wind cause I’ll never hit the mark in these shoes! If I get lucky these steaks are gonna be tuff!

  6. You can’t take the country out of the girl!

  7. You gotta have the boots and the hat to throw the rope.

  8. I’d rather be in the kitchen!

  9. Anything he can do, I can do better.

  10. I know you think I’m just aiming for the fake cow over younder but really my attentions are farther then you think!!

  11. Anything cowboys can do a cowgirl can do.

  12. Ree, this steer needs some of your good cooking to fatten him up…
    But those shoes have got to go, girl. Boots are not made for just walkin’

  13. Let a pro in wedges show you how it is done!

    1. Another Christmas in the trenches

  14. T-Bones on the grill tonight!

  15. Wendell L Summers Jr

    Ree practicing catching a man!

  16. Real Cowgirls don’t always wear boots

  17. Just as this lasso will capture the bull, my recipes will capture your heart.

  18. Steer clear I’ve got this!

  19. OK boys I’ve got this one!

  20. A woman’s work is never done!!

  21. This ones not going to get away.

  22. You’ve run the meat right off your frame. Let’s take you up to the Lodge and fatten you up !

  23. The Cook working on her Cowgirl

  24. Well, for goodness sake; this ain’t so hard!

  25. A redhead always hit the mark!

    1. It shouldn’t be this hard to sign up for the Caption contest. I’ve tried 6 times already.

  26. I don’t need this, I already got Ladd

  27. Getting ready to lasso my man (Ladd

  28. “Look out Charlie, you’re next”

  29. Margaret Frankland

    Wrong Shoes, Ree!

  30. I can handle any range.

  31. “Do it the cowgirl way “

  32. I forgot my glasses but from here he looks a might skinny!! Won’t get many steaks for Ladd!

  33. I LOVE Pioneer Women!!! Ree could you start a clothing line? I love all your tops and blouses!! Please!!

  34. Yeehaw,,, Get back here I need some hamburger for my latest recipe….

  35. Ber right back with food and cheer, once I rope up this big steer!

  36. stear clear rees near!

  37. Hey..I’m not just a one trick pony..I have skills!! 🙂

  38. Honey watch this, I got this.. I got this.. ooops missed again. How about 3 out of 5?

  39. cooking is not my only talent.

  40. This is for Summer 2018 issue Caption Contest/Cowboy Josh’s dog! “Call me, I’m waiting.”

  41. Love the magazine, especially the views of ranch life (interesting to this big city girl) and Ree’s Talk to Me! The entire magazine is delightful, I am a cradle subscriber and a frequent visitor to the Mercantile, always leaving with a very happy tummy!

  42. for J0sh`s dog yo ho Josh my boy

  43. Yo-Yo”Kahoma” (caption contest)

  44. Good Dogs Wear White Hats (caption contest)

  45. Keeping a Eye on you!

    1. Yo….does this hat make my head look big!!!!

      (Caption contest – May 23 thru June 26, 2018)

  46. I’m the boss now!


  48. Hey Josh, who’s the real cowboy here?

  49. “Giddy-yap”

  50. ready yet

  51. Yeh, they know who the real boss is!

  52. I’ll see you in Louisville, Kentucky the first Saturday in May!!!

  53. Deborah M McCarrick

    Tell me about it, Stud!!!!!

  54. You lookin at me? cause Im lookin at you!

  55. Pst, got minute? Let’s talk.

  56. “Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall in love with a GORGEOUS redhead!

  57. Nay No Horsin around

  58. I’m keeping an eye on you”

  59. Hey now!

  60. My Name is Bashful

  61. Should I take a nip or shouldn’t I!!!!!!

  62. Aw, do you really think I’m cute?

  63. Calm and Beautiful

  64. Just need a little space!!!!!

  65. I’m not fat, just naturally fluffy.

  66. Back home again in Indiana…

  67. Caption Contest for picture of a cardinal on Ree’s ranch…

    I’m waiting for my co-pilot to fly to Miami with me!

  68. Loving my kitchen

  69. Could not get to caption page (blocked on my computer)but here is my caption

    “Time to play cooking with Ree.”

  70. We got MILK

  71. Flavors~ Flowers ???? & Fun by Dree

  72. and here another cowboy approved dessert!

  73. Don’t judge….with this skinny, doll bod i can indulge in all these goodies!

    1. which way did that squirrel go,..

  74. Ree Shows Me.

  75. But, Momma you promised me a present!

  76. I know it’s in there !!

  77. “Where are the new treats? I really like the waffles!”

  78. I hope I get lucky!

  79. Someone forgot the doggie treats!

  80. The cat’s in the bag!

  81. Come out come out where ever you are!

  82. Lannette Steinauer

    I know I saw it in here somewhere.

  83. (May 21 to July 2)

    “Bagels…check, donuts… check, muffins… check, wait where are the doggie treats???????????????.”

  84. I just simply love the reading all about the fun exciting things the Drummonds do on the ranch. You all make my day a bit happier{: thank you

  85. caption for Charlie the dog with a hotdog costume on his back. Aug 21-Sept 13th. ” I Smell A Hotdog”

  86. caption for Charlie the dog with a hotdog costume on his back. Aug 21-Sept 13th. ” I Smell A Hotdog” ” I wanna be a weiner Dog”

  87. “Bun ready to run”


  89. Love your magazine..Loved the cookbook section in the recent magazine. and in the last one I really enjoyed the bandanna section. I made a bandanna quilt. A wonderful magazine all around… Thank You..

  90. contest page blocked, here is my caption

    I ordered mustard and relish!!

  91. Caption contest for the dog photo :
    “Check out my buns”
    “These are my kind of chaps”
    “Meals on wheels”

  92. I filled out the closed caption fields and no way to send it.
    Nothing says where to send it from the entry page.

  93. when I wrote my caption ” Just because I’m a cowboy it doesn’t mean we don’t need a manicure every now and than” it didn’t let me finish it so I couldn’t enter it again darn!

  94. Here are the captions:

    I could use a beer
    Just another day in paradise
    It’s a great day to be alive
    Don’t I make it an awesome picture?
    Say Cheese

  95. don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

  96. Enjoy your program on TV and the magazine which I read cover to cover.

  97. Home on the Range

  98. Please hold. Doing Math.

  99. I’m crazy about your show, your recipes, your cookbooks, your magazine, your restaurant, the Merc, your guest house, your family … I guess you could say I love everything about the Pioneer Woman !! Loved visiting Pawhuska this summer too. It was a long drive from Pittsburgh, but worth it and I hope to come back again sometime soon!

  100. Caption for Contest from October 25th to December 2nd. 1:Hey I’m ready lets get this show on the road. 2: Hi Beautiful lets TANGO.

  101. Caption: “One, please, and make it to go!”


    1. Aren’t I “Paw”fect

    2. Just another one of those days

    1. I look so purrrrrfectly classy!

  103. Hey, cutie you want to dance?

  104. These ears were made for walking!

  105. I wish I could dance, but I have 2 left feet.

  106. They call me Kitten Kitten, but I am really known as Queen of the Drummond Ranch.

  107. Mary Hall Roberson

    My crown please.

  108. Dah-ling!
    It takes One, to know One!!!

  109. Valerie Huffstetler

    Ain’t I purrrr-dee!

  110. I say, “You’re never fully dressed without your jewels.”

  111. Connie L Wilhelmi

    Oh these old things I just threw them on!

  112. Ya’ Dern right, it’s picture day!

  113. Bead L Bailey

  114. I’m Purrfectly gorgeous

  115. I look so purrrrrfectly classy!

  116. Cheessseeee, I am such a lady!

  117. when are you picking the caption winner I cant wait to see who won beautiful cat

  118. A small piece of heaven

  119. LOVE your show Ree! My hubby and I watch your show every Saturday morning with breakfast….if we are not going to be home….we DVR it! He has actually been to see you at the Mercantile twice (making a side trip while he had business in Tulsa)…I was going along this June but all was postponed due to Covid…planning on next June! He brought me a beautiful top, autographed cookbooks, and many more momentos! I also enjoy using your cookware I purchased! Thanks for all the smiles and making my food taste better!:-)

  120. It may not look like it but its heaven.

  121. Family views

  122. Endless possiblities

  123. summer as far as the eye can see

  124. “The Green Green Grass of Home”

  125. ” Sweet Luxury”

  126. New Horizons!

  127. A piece of Heaven!!!

  128. My Frontier!

  129. Gods Country!

  130. Fresh air, sunshine & well worn wicker chair – clearly awesome!

  131. “Giddy-pup!”

  132. Ride-em hound dog!

  133. “ Ride Em Cowboy!”

  134. Giddy up? How ’bout giddy off?

  135. Get along little doggie!

  136. 8 seconds! I’ve only got to stay on for 8 seconds!

  137. Giddy-Up Little Doggy! Ree I Love Your Magazine and Show! So many wonderful recipes and so much fun!! Thank You. We really need that at this time. Stay well and safe.

  138. get along little doggies

  139. Stop monkeying around Rusty and kick up your paws

  140. Giddy up little doggie!!

  141. Hang on partner, I only go one speed!

  142. No bucking bronco here.

  143. “Ruff night”

  144. “Can’t be late for the Christmas Paw-ty!”

  145. Good grief santa paws

  146. Nailed it!

  147. Santa Knose

  148. I said Ho Ho Ho not nose!

  149. Its beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

  150. Santa paws 🐾

  151. Up! Up! and Away!

  152. So….going my way?

  153. I hope when Ree sees me, she doesn’t think of chocolate grasshoppers!!

  154. You said to not get wet, I’m muddy.

  155. A little bit of vanilla dipped in chocolate

  156. my feet Is the only thing I got dirty mom, I’m clean all over except that

  157. Dr Susan P Cropper

    Why no, I haven’t been walking in mud, why do you ask?

  158. I promise…. I didnt get into the chocolate sauce

  159. They call me Mr. Boots!

  160. Oops, I forgot, I’m not a puppy anymore.

  161. “Welcome to Paw”Mud”ska!”

  162. Kiersten Lombard

    Did someone call for SUPER-BOOTS!!

  163. I told you to name me boots

  164. like my new rain boots

  165. I couldn’t find my shoes!

  166. did someone call for super-boots

  167. Look! I have matching shoes !

  168. Don’t be a fuddy-duddy, it’s time to get muddy!

  169. Boots On The Ground For America

  170. Paw painting season is here

  171. Hey,I forgot My Booties, Nobodys Perfect!”

  172. Playing in the mud? No I wasn’t why do you ask?

  173. Nobody said anything about the new driveway!

  174. I’m taking five…😃

  175. One leg at a time Ree,one leg at a time♥️

    1. “Ree”naissance Woman”

  176. Who won that caption contest?

  177. There you are my pretty!

  178. Merry Catmas!

  179. Roll um Up, Move Um Out, Hay Hide!! Caption for Contest 2022

  180. Oh Mom…why can’t I use your kitchen for dog snacks?

  181. I’m ready for my close up Mr De Mill

  182. The hay contest is already over. Where is the picture for June 2022

  183. I would like to enter the summer caption contest in the summer edition of Pioneer Woman’s magazine. However, when I type in “, I get the last contest, not the summer one from May 26 – June 30th. Is it a computer glitch on my end or yours. I have tried several web sites and the correct summer contest will not come up.



  184. 0h my goodness – my crush my crush- she’s right there- do I look ok? Do I look in shape? Wwwooofff

  185. ahhhh come on mom!!!

  186. I need a pat on the head

  187. Hey mom, howl about you paint me like one of your French girls!

  188. There is a dog that sticks closer than a brother

  189. Dog gone it…she said no!!!

  190. 6 legs are better then2

  191. Perfect Posture!

  192. For the one with Bryce putting the food on the counter.

    “Put the food down and assume the position!”

  193. Mom’s Wing Man

  194. “3 Generations of Love” CAPTION

    For the picture of deadline of 9/13/22

  195. “All hands on Deck”

  196. Bryce with ham. Is it done?

  197. Go Home Team!

  198. I will be on the look out for Santa



  201. “In the ninth life of Christmas, my human gave to me….”

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