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Gerber Baby Photo Contest 2017-2018 – Win Grand Cash Prizes

Gerber Baby Photo Contest is one of the famous and big competitions which is open to all legal Residents of U.S and District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. This is the annual competition where team invites every year new competition and search new best babies. Any parents can share their little one pics if they are minimum 18 years of age. The rules for every year are flexible but the team needs to be at least 1 day old and no older than 48 months. It’s a company which supplies food and products to families around the world. The team sells over 190 products in 80 countries with 16 different languages.

Gerber Baby Photo Contest 2018 | Winners & Advice

Gerber Baby Photo Contest

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Gerber Baby Photo Contest is an annual Photo Search competition. Every year lots of parents share their entry and win a huge price – $50,000 in cash, $1,5000 from Childrenswear and the chance to be a big star in an advertisement. In 2016, there were over 110,000 applicants were accepted by the team but Riley’s win was Gerber Baby Photo Search. He has made a star on the social media accounts with their little face. The competition fully depends on the most of the voting. Under the voting, any friends, family members, and strangers are able to vote for best entries.

Gerber Baby Photo Contest Details and Rules:

Eligibility: Legal Residents of U.S and District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

Age: At least 1 day old and no older than 48 months and minimum 18 years of age and the legal guardian or parent

Types: No professional photographers or collages are accepted. Any Entries must be taken with 30 days prior to submission.

Fees: No entry fees for entering

Prizes: $50,000 in cash, $1,5000 from Children’s wear and the chance to be big star

How to Participate :
1. Visit the Competition Page, Facebook Page and Instagram Page
2. Sign up with your Details and Sign In with your Emails
3. Enter your Details and your Details with sharing your little one Entry
4. Get your Entry Link and Share with Friends
5. Collect Most of the Votes
6. That’s It

This is really a great Gerber Baby Photo Contest where any candidates can participate. In addition to the Grand Prize winner, only one winning entry will be selected from each Milestone category – Birth+, Supported Sitter, Sitter, Crawler, Toddler, and Preschooler.

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Enjoy this Details with Our Team!!

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  1. Marian degolier

    Is it to late to enter for the gerber baby contest the page is coming up error

  2. Clarissa Carrasco Murillo

    When is the Gerber baby contest?

  3. Bill

    My name is Bill Edward Messerly my turn will be baby boy

  4. Childrens Own Magazine

    Which parent is going to see a down syndrome kid poster on a baby food label & go get it for their healthy child? NONE… Gerber, do something about that sick looking kid before putting that face on a label. Better yet, keep grandma Ann on the label.. I understand the impact you’re tryn to make but being generous doesn’t mean to be stupid & act outrageous for recognition. The 2018 winning face isn’t of a healthy happy looking child & y’all know it too!

  5. Amber hall

    I’d like to enter my 1yr old little girl in the Gerber baby contest.

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