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AAA Go Magazine Contest – Win $3,000 AAA Gift Certificate

AAA Carolinas is started the AAA Go Magazine Contest Giveaway at page and you could win a $3,000 AAA Gift Certificate and Tickets to Biltmore Estate. To enter AAA Go Contest, candidates needs to visit entry page and submit your entry via mail to [email protected] include your name, AAA Membership number, address and contact information.

AAA Go Magazine Contest Go Contest – Win $3,000 AAA Gift Certificate

Eligibility: The Contests is open to AAA members in North Carolina and South Carolina only, who are 18 years of age or older.

Duration: The Go Giveaways AAA Carolinas Contest will ends on February 16, 2021 and ends on May 31, 2021.

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Official Rules
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  • (1) Grand Prize: Win A $3,000 AAA Gift Certificate and weekend zoo package for four, courtesy of the North Carolina Zoo! The package features a day at the zoo for four, holiday Believe event, two nights hotel accommodations and two complimentary dinners at local Asheboro restaurants.

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Updated: February 24, 2021 — 4:24 pm


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  1. This contest entry stuff is very confusing. In the magazine it appears there are four different contest??? Is the Biltmore Estate Gift Package the same contest as the Identify photo?? Website and contests are very confusing.

  2. Gift Basket Giveaway
    Green suitcase icon is located on page 18 in Clare Island picture
    In this month’s GO magazine

    Thank you…

  3. green suitcase Is located on page 18 at the Lands End article. I don’t want to put my membership number on this reply

  4. the suitcase is on page 18 in the lower left picture of lands end

  5. the suitcase is on page 18 lands end lower left bottom.

  6. It’s August 2019, and all I see are old contests! What’s going on!

  7. The suitcase in on page 24 on left bottom of Rock Line locomotive 6147.
    This is for the Sep./ October issue of go Magazine

  8. I am unable to enter green suitcase contest; why is it so difficult? Steve Harvey contest and etc, but no AAA .
    Why do this to your members? Try to be “ Less confusing “.
    BTW, I found the suitcase; don’t know how to enter info.

  9. Luggage icon is located on page 24 within the picture of the Rock Line picture

  10. Please advise how to enter the Luggage Giveaway contest – this whole concept is totally confusing and directs you to PCH and other sites – HELP – make it simple How do you enter just for the one site

  11. I’m so glad to know that I wasn’t the only one that was TOTALLY confused at how to enter the luggage giveaway. I did find the green suitcase on page 24 on the train engine 6147.

  12. Hey all, so I figured it out once I re-read the directions. You have to actually email the information to the following address. [email protected]

    1. That helps!! Thanks

  13. I agree with all the above comments; instructions are definitely confusing. I have located the suitcase but don’t know where to enter the answer

  14. I have located the suitcase but I can’t find the right place to enter

  15. marquerite cruickshank

    I found the seashell pic on page 22 next to the word Sublime

  16. I found the seashell pic on page 22 at the top of the pge

  17. I found the seashell on page 22 top of page.


    The seashell is found on page 22 in the left upper corner by the word Sublime.

    This is in the Go Magazine (The Coastal Issue – Seaside Charms).

  19. The blue seashell is on page 22 at the left top corner

  20. The fish is on page 28.
    Why can’t I find the place to submit my submission?

  21. The fish is on page 28 above the fisherman’s picture.
    It is hard to ind the correct way to enter this contest, which is not
    good when we spend our time looking, reading and paying dues to AAA.
    My number: AAA-# #10357473#

  22. Tried to enter the fish icon and it would not let me enter.
    Found the fish icon on page 28. Sandra Lee Shaw member since 1966

  23. The fish is on page 28.
    Pauline Stork/Jayant Ganguly long time members.

  24. Allie B Richardson

    The lighthouse icon is on page 18 left side under the picture/article of St. Augustine: A Timeless Favorite article.
    Allie Richardson member since 1965 620 111 200205800 3

  25. Allie B Richardson

    Love your articles. Interested in the Museum since her sister is from Winston -Salem and visited her many times here. I have always wanted to go.


  26. Samsonite Duffel Bag contest
    The camper is found on page 26 bottom right under the Bonus Contest! sign.
    membership # 620 111-091507700 3

  27. Annette C. Castelvecchi

    Camper icon is on page 26, lower right side, under the “Bonus Content!” sign. Membership Number 620 111 419788300 5.

  28. Camper is located on page 26 in the right hand corner under the bonus content sign. Membership number 620 111 3224705009

  29. Deborah FelderCarolina

    The camper icon is on page 26, lower right side, under the Bonus Content!sign.
    Membership Number 620 111 352247301 1.

  30. Camper is located on page 26 at the bottom. Under the sign
    Harold Dean Hager
    Membership #6201110383016004

  31. Camper located on page 26 at bottom, right side under the sign.
    Sarah Phillips
    Membership # 620 111 220751900 7

  32. the camper is on page 26 under bonus content sign lower right corner.ELMER B. PARKER#6201110725709001

  33. The camper is on page 26–bottom right corner under the sign in the Winter 2021 magazine.
    Nadine Hoover # 620 111 058029900 7

  34. I entered to win the Samsonite Duffel Bag on line. It didn’t have option to note where you found the icon. The icon is on page 26.

  35. I have tried twice to enter your giveaway contest. Your website is so confusing. I was not able to enter for the last issue A History of the Grove Park Inn and I am not able to enter for the Samsonite Duffel Bag. I found the camper on page 26.

  36. Your web sight is not up to date. Why offer a giveaway and not have things up to date so we can enter 🙄🙄🙄

  37. Ice cream cone on p. 29 #5 Coasts issue

  38. Cone on pg 29 #5 620111268007300 1. Brenda watkins 1520hatchett rd yanceyville nc 27379

  39. The cone is on page 29. It is #5 in the 10 Tips for Your Best Beach Vacation

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