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Smerconish Daily Poll Question:

March 18, 2023:

Question. Is the military support being given to Ukraine by U.S./NATO intended to defend against Russia or actually win the war?

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Updated: March 18, 2023 — 1:59 pm


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  1. Smerconish, I believe that there should be a special division for transgender athletes allowing them to compete with thier equals just like they do with special Olympic.

  2. Orlando D Claybrook

    Its a problem because even if its something that need to be dealt with how it is said or proceed is much of the problem stop giving them ways and means to attack what u said 🤔 my thoughts

  3. Many “woke” rules are not even known by everyday ppl Who knew o.k. sign is racist. Jeopardy guy meant to indicate he won 3 games and was woke shamed

    1. I have been unable to vote for weeks! This morning in spite of finding blue links all I could get to was the archive question
      Has me question who is really allowed to vote as many cant get to it😡

      1. I only vote on Saturdays. I always scroll and scroll looking for question of the week.
        I found where to vote D/R today but can’t find “submit” or “vote” or see the results.
        Once I find the questions, voting was never a problem before today.

      2. I seem to have the same problem. I was asked to download something which I refuse to do. I finally posted here but not sure if it was in response to the question asked today.

  4. Let a person identify as the person sees themselves. Don`t alter things to identify with them.

  5. I truly don’t believe the Enhanced Unemployment is keeping MOST,But not all people from looking for work. I believe it’s just another ploy for some Governor’s to be able to point to the fact that there State is doing better than it really is.

  6. Cdc is missing on the guidelines that there kids unvaccinated and now they are on risk of getting it on Waltmart, coscost etc. should be mask until everyone is vaccinated period.

  7. Donald Trump deserves no adulation with over five hundred and ninety-nine thousand people dead because of his ineptitude he needs to be brought up on charges and as far as warp speed goes any dawdling 70 + can give the order to say yes let’s invent something and the whole time he’s fighting you

  8. I see no reason why those who attained their immunity naturally should be treated any differently than those who were vaccinated. Even among the various vaccines there are varying levels of immunity depending on the robustness of the individual’s immune systems Documentation should be available for those who’ve recovered from COVID 19 just as there is for those who were vaccinated. And tests should be available for those who may have had undocumented cases who survived it.

  9. We are all in the same boat. If one of us starts drilling a hole in their room, the rest of us are going to drowned! We all need to get vaccinated!!!

  10. Not getting the vaccine is dishonoring the thousands that had died during this Pandemia.

  11. Yes, vaccinate EVERYBODY. The alternative is herd stupidity.

  12. Yes, require the vaccination for federal employees. Remember the government requires vaccinations for numerous viruses for the safety of the whole. Yes, there will be a political price to pay for that decision. Also, people who refuse the COVID19 should be held accountable if they negligently expose another to the virus. People with the HIV virus are subject to imprisonment for exposing a sexual partner to that virus. COVID19 is much more dangerous and deadly, and the time has come to hold people accountable for their negligent behavior when they have denied to be vaccinated and expose others to the virus.

  13. I think we have a bigger war already here in the U S it’s time for the people fight for for the U S for a change. Because we have a big problem here and it’s going to come to head and not in a good way if things don’t settle down and soon.

  14. How do you prepare for an exit without anybody noticing?

  15. Christopher Hopper

    America’s short memory and thirst for vengeance make us uniquely unqualified to affect change in the middle east.

    Example – Flight 93. Pride motivated those individuals. Until we restore their pride, Afgans will never stand for themselves. What they need are hospitals, schools, and heavily armed crossing guards.

  16. Joe cannot fix the country’s problems in eight months. I believe he is doing well considering what he inherited and what is current.

  17. THe Biden Administration inherited a mess both economically and socially; In America we want it BOTH ways. We want things made here & we want to slow the tide of immigration across our borders and we want to influence elections inffavor of Authoritarian regimes in other countries to benefit US foreign political and trade policies and agreements. Well if the US STOPPED interfering in the elections of other countries, then perhaps they wouldn’t need to leave because of oppressive leaders and they would have more opportunities and have higher employment.

  18. Concerning the question of compensating families who had their children forcibly taken from them. Take that $450,000 per person, build housing for them and let them take those jobs that are left empty. Give them something substantial. Sending them back to their country will not solve anything.
    This country, America, has a history from its inception of taking children from parents. It’s the best power grab.

  19. I won’t be surprised that the preponderance of voters will agree with your statement. We are not the problem. The people we need to reach are not watching your shoe 😕

  20. I’ve had the flu so I guess I don’t need a flu shot.

  21. Smerconish, you have posed an interesting question today but there’s an inherent problem. Both race and class are confounded. More minorities are in lower SES classes.

  22. The rigid militarism of police organizations is inappropriate for a free people. It is contrary to the concept of a free people to have a police force that treats its citizens as a captive population. Giving them armored vehicles and horrific weapons makes no sense.

  23. No comment

  24. no comment

  25. Putin is gambling on the West’s weakness to engage – we should send planes to Ukraine with Ukraine pilots and provide parts and maintenance support, again by way of transfer of goods at the border to the Ukraine people – help them defend democracy and we invest in the future stability of the world.

  26. I believe that by lifting this concern at this time that it is going to become too overwhelming. I also believe that the U.S. needs to establish a quota that we take in each year which reflects diversity. You know, that word which we often reflect on. Right now there are far too many from Central and South America. Frankly, I don’t want to just become northern Latin America! I want to see Ukrainians, Afghans, Asians, South Sea Islanders, any Europeans who wish to come, and, in short, a balance of ethnicities and cultures at a number we can more easily process and perform in-depth background checks.

  27. “Don’t Say Guy” law wasn’t about teaching kids it was about 2 parents suing a school after the parents told them their kid choose a different path and told them the pronouns. The school had a procedure to include the parents and their kid but the parents said their child was strong and could handle everything by self but got mad when the school only went forward with the child lawsuit happened.

  28. It’s worth inflaming Putin if it makes him stop. Knowing his top Generals can and will be killed

  29. Really enjoy your show-thanks for asking the important questions!
    Just one comment re: the decrease in crime related to abortions: In order to create the awareness and understanding of the “whys” around abortion especially needed right now (with Roe potentially going away), we (listeners/the public) need to know what KIND of crime (ie against women, injuries to or death of unwanted babies, etc.). Some examples (sans names) of women and/or couples who have proceeded with unwanted pregnancies and how that affects/affected their and the children’s lives….

  30. Why not ask Kissinger how the the Jews would like to succeed to the Palestine over the ownership of the West Bank. There’s your answer.

  31. Not since our Civil War have we been so willing to hurt and fight with our neighbors over different beliefs.

  32. If they were truly there to attend the rally and not participate in the violence that followed, it should not affect their job. I am not a Trump supporter and don’t understand those that are, but they do have their rights under the Constitution, which, by the way, Trump has not regard for.

  33. If that artist pushes their political stand, then no. There are artists that opinion I feel is so divisive that i would not support either. Roger Waters who seems to be anti semtic and racists, no I do not support him. I do listen to plenty of Pink Floyd of the past, and yet will not support the Roger Waters of today

  34. I don’t support any entertainer who thinks the world need their political opinion, no matter what their politics are. Shut up and play, act, paint, whatever

  35. Undergraduate organic chemistry is very complex material that involves basic chemistry but all sorts of spatial molecular awareness. I am a physician and it was the class I had the most trouble with. ( I got a B+). I can tell you the material I learned there had absolutely nothing to do with practicing quality medicine for 30 years.

  36. If he can turn out the base to vote for him in the primary, he can win without the media.

  37. Crime today comes from lack of discipline from parents during rearing. Those tantrums in grocery stores will turn to violence when child grows up.

  38. They may have not have KNOWN that he would die because of their actions, but they certainly DIDN’T CARE if their actions would kill him.

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