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McDonalds Monopoly 2017 – New Zealand Game Ticket Jackpot

A another and great way to win instantly with the McDonalds Monopoly 2017. The team again come with millions of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs in New Zealand.
You could be lucky winners to find the rare stickets. This promotional offers is open to New Zealand citizens aged 14 years and older. This year, there are lots of
prizes as well including Big Macs, McChickens, McWraps, Cheeseburgers, Fries, McMuffins and more.

McDonalds Monopoly 2017 – New Zealand Game Info, Rare Pieces and Prizes

McDonalds Monopoly 2017

This McDonalds Monopoly 2017 offer is conducted by McDonald’s Restaurants on their page. To enter in this offer you need to collect game tickets via purchase the
products. This year, the team has been added the most valuable prizes which are a brand new Suzkui Ignis or Swift, Piaggo Zip 50cc Scooter and Sony Home Entertainment Package. There are total 3 ways to collect tickets ie. “Instant Win” Tickets, “Collect to Win” Tickets and “Chance Card” Tickets.

McDonalds Monopoly 2017 Details :

Eligibility: New Zealand citizens Only

Duration: 6 September 2017 to 31 October 2017

How to Participate :
1. Visit Official Page and Read Terms and Conditions
2. Download App on your Smartphone or IOS
3. Purchase any one Products from a McDonald’s Restaurant
4. Collect Tickets
5. Register yourslef and Play the game
6. Reveal an Electronic Ticket to collect digital code to win big

Eligible Products:
Medium Cup (Soft Drink, Shake, OJ): 1 ticket
Large Cup (Soft Drink, Shake, OJ): 2 tickets
Medium Fries: 1 ticket
Large Fries: 2 tickets
Chicken McNuggets 10 pack: 1 ticket
Chicken McNuggets 20 pack: 2 tickets
McFlurry: 2 tickets
Chicken Bacon Deluxe: 2 tickets
The Serious Angus: 2 tickets
The Almighty Angus 1/2lb: 2 tickets
The Big Cheese: 2 tickets
Homestyle Angus: 2 tickets
Chicken Brie & Relish: 2 tickets
The Loaded Lettuce: 2 tickets
Hotcakes (excluding Happy Meal): 1 ticket
Hash Brown: 1 ticket
Large McCafe Coffee: 2 tickets
Georgie Pie: 1 ticket

Any eligiable candidates in the McDonalds Monopoly 2017, can purchase above items and collect tickets up until October 17. You can claim your prizes untill 01st
November 2017 from official page via sign up. Also can check for Free Giveaways

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Enjoy this Details with Our Team!!

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  1. very disappointing, I tried to download the app on my PC and on my apple tablet but nothing was compatible, so how am I supposed to scan my codes? what a waste of my time and money, this must be a scam but from a huge and i mean “HUGE” company it is unusual to do it in such plain site. What is the world coming to when big corporate companies rip off the people in such plain site.

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