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Country Magazine Needle Contest

Country Magazine Extra Needle Contest: Amazing chance to win one year subscription to Country magazine by joining Needle Contest or Country Hidden Object Sweepstakes or Country Magazine Find the Needle Contest. This is a free Sweepstakes where no any purchase or payment is necessary to enter or win any prizes. To enter or join Country magazine Contest and Sweepstakes, any interested and eligible candidates go to and fill in the online entry form including your full name, address, city, state/province, zip/postal code, telephone number, email address along with the magazine page number and location where you found the hidden object. After these all steps you need to submit your entry to win free prizes. Needle Contest Needle Contest | Country Hidden Object Sweepstakes

Eligibility: The Contest is open to legal residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec), who are 18 years of age or older.

Duration: The Country Magazine Hidden Object Contest begins on July 18, 2022 and ends September 20, 2022.

Duration: The Country Magazine Extra Hidden Object Contest begins on June 13, 2022 and ends August 5, 2022.

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Country Hidden Object Official Rules
Country Magazine Extra Hidden Object Official Rules
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  • (10) Grand Prize: Win one year subscription to Country magazine.

Winner Drawing:

  • The Winners will be selected by random drawing from all eligible entries within five days of the Sweepstakes period.

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Updated: July 21, 2022 — 10:36 am


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  1. Too much sh###t pops up . I want to enter the needle contest. I don’t want the other junk!

    1. Couldn’t fine the needle June /july 2021 told us pg 61 ?

  2. For 2 issues now,we have not been able to find the site to enter the needle contest. WHY MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT.

  3. Suggestion: publish the solution to the needle contest in the same issue as it appears. That way if a subscriber wants to give up, he can locate the solution. If he wants to carry on, he can get a confirmation of his effort.

    1. Having the answer in the same magazine would defeat the purpose of the contest, so you don’t even have to look for the needle in order to enter the contest.

  4. Such a sad bunch of replies. As you grew up did you miss a chance to play a game to either find the pennies in a tarp full of hay? Every child had a chance and sometimes there was something else hidden,which was a bigger surprise than the pennies. The meddle is one of these challenges . If you can not find it wait for the next issue to show you the page and look again. Yes sometimes I give in to. the fun challange to look for it, white or blank needle. Have fun. Paul Stackle

  5. This is stupid. I just wanted to enter a reply to your needle contest. Need to make it easy to do.

    1. What is going on???? I have a hard enough time getting through the computer to find things. NOW THIS. I want the old way back.

  6. I tried to find the needle contest by logging on to country-magazine .com
    And just got a bunch of garbage , but no “contest link at the top of the page”
    Please make it easier to find , or if you do not want to give away the subscriptions just don’t have the contest.

  7. This issue was easy to find the needles. This is the first time I was able to
    find both. I look forward to each mag. to read the material and look for each needle.

  8. What a disappointment. I found the needle but where do I enter.
    Why do it? Forget your contests if you can’t help us out in entering.

    1. I have had no problem entering the needle contest once I find a needle in either Country or Country extra eye open up Google and ask you to take me to Kountry needle contest or country extra needle contest and it takes me right there and lets me put in my answers and information

  9. Why do we have to click on 8 or 10 links just to enter a contest that we will not win? I have stopped trying on several of your other magazine contests.

  10. I found the needles in the May issue of Country. Now I read that the contest is closed. What is going on here. Something is not right.I am very unhappy.

  11. When I type in all sorts of pages show up, but when I click on they lead to more sites but none that I can get to the needle contest pages. Never had this problem other years. Why so difficult. The same with “Reminisce Magazine. Clean it up, please.

  12. Having trouble entering the needle contest

  13. What is behind the change in the Needle Contest. All I want to do is enter it and I don’t want to wade through a bunch of extraneous garbage to do it!

  14. Are you making it so difficult to enter the contest so that you don’t have to give out any prizes. This is just about as crazy as it gets.

    1. I did not have page 19 covered bridge in my magazine! There were advertisements!!!

  15. Can you tell me where the needle is hidden in the September issue of country extra on page 16? Even knowing the page I have spent several hours looking for the needle I can usually spot them within the hour or two is the needle black or white and where is it located if you could tell me I’d appreciate it just so I know it was there.

  16. We are a country magazine subscriber and we are stumped as to fine the needle on page 61 of the June and July issue. Please help us

  17. I too had much difficulty in finding the needle on page 61 but eventually I did find it it is very vague but it is there it is black it is near the bottom edge of the walkway bridge

  18. Why ???

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