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Choki Choki Shiva Cycle Contest : Collect Shiva Cards and Win Shiva cycles Every Day

Choki Choki Contest : Win Shiva cycles EveryDay

We again with the new part 2 Choki Choki Contest. This is Amazing opportunity to all contest lovers to win free Shiva cycles Every Day. Just participate under the contest and collect shiva cards to win free shiva cycles.

This contest is running on the Choki Choki Facebook page. Under this special contest any candidates can participate who wants to win Shiva Cycles. To participate under the contest any candidates have to follow below link. This Choki Choki Shiva Cycle Contest is back. And this time, we are giving away 10 cycles every day to our lucky winners. All you have to do is collect any 15 Shiva cards and mail them us before 31st May, 2017, after verifying we will mail them back to you. So, get ready and start collecting.

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Contest Duration : 1st April 2017 till 31st May 2017

Terms and Conditions :
1. This offer is valid all over India, except Tamil Nadu
2. Offer valid from 1st April 2017 till 31st May 2017
3. 10 Cycle to be won by lucky winners each day by lucky draw of the month of April and May 2017, subject to terms and conditions
4. All supplementary information to be filled in correctly (name, contact, number, address for correspondence with PIN code etc.)
5. Entries must be in English
6. The company has full discretion in accepting / rejecting the entries
7. Incomplete, Incorrect / False or Illegible entries shall be rejected summarily
8. Disputes, if any, shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Mumbai only.

This contest is applicable for all contest lovers. just participate under this special contest via above sources and win free Shiva Cycle.

Enjoy this contest with!!

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  1. Ayush

    I have many Shiva cards

  2. Anmol joshi

    My son collect different 15 shiva card For purchase choki choki. Kindly advice.
    Waiting for u r rply.

    1. Ayush jain

      I have collect 15 shiva power cards and two sliver magic cards,pls let me know how to fill form and send it?

    2. I have collect 19 SHIVA power cards ,1 gold magic card and 3 silver magic card

    3. Aadil

      Nice Shiva Cards

  3. Pleaseeeeee give me prize because i calact 30 power cards pleaseeeeee

    1. Shailu

      We want the cycle because we collected 30 Cards please please please please

  4. Shashank

    We want the cycle because we collected 23 Cards please please please please

  5. Biswajit Das

    I collected all 25 cards and I want the cycle for my city

    1. Sudhanshu

      Hi My son Have 20 cards with him

  6. Jharan Chakraborty

    I have 20 cards…I request you to give a cycle……We also have one gold card and one silver card……..

  7. I have 20 shiva card……..I also have one gold and one silver card. …..Please I request you to give a shiva cycle

  8. HiI have 20 cards I also have one silver card and a gold card……I request you to give a Shiva cycle………Please please please……I will be wating for your reply……Thank you……..

  9. I have 70 card shiv

  10. EMAM

    Vanzar vas set jevias school ni same deesa

    1. Vanzaravas set jevias school ni same deesa

  11. Mohd Asim
    I’m collect all
    15 cards
    Lohar colony 45

  12. I have collected 30 Shiva power contact number is district is kolkata .my pincode is 7000024

  13. M.shyam sai

    Dear sir i have collected shiva power cards from CHOKI CHOKI my cards are 48 i am collecting from so many days i have wasted my pocket money and i buy choki choki to get the shiva cards
    Thank you if you want to give the price to me please give the price i like shiva very much…..

  14. Shehzade Shadab

    I have collected 49 shiva pwr cards plz plz plz plz plz plz give me a shiva cycle am waiting for ur reply

  15. I will collected

    15 Shiva cards

  16. I have 27shiva cards so I waiting for your reply

  17. gurtej singh

    I have collected 20 shiva cards with one gold and three silver cards. Please consider me for shiva cycle. Please

  18. Array shah

    I. Have collected 23power cor of Shiva and 6 silver and 1 golden card
    Total 30 card I have for there information let me know

  19. Arbaaz ansari

    I have collected 15 shiva card

  20. Leena Behera

    I have 16 Shiva cards please give me a cycle because my son is a great fan of Shiva.

  21. Mahipalsinh vaghela

    You are collected 50 shiva power card my baycial

  22. arun yadav

    i have all cards give the cycle pls

  23. Leena Behera

    I have also 2 gold cards and 4 silver cards.

  24. Jayanth

    I have 17 card
    I have 6 silver

    Iam the big fan of shiva

  25. Naitik agarwal

    My son collect 35 Shiva cards. Pls tell me how to apply. And I see you are not reply anyone. I think this contest are fake

  26. Ashana Khatik

    my doughter have 17 cards so she is eager to get cycle

  27. Aarush Vijay popalghat

    I am Aarush Vijay popalghat my Son have 15 cards so he is Eager to get Cycle.
    Thanking you
    Aarush popalghat

  28. I have collected 15 cards

    1. I have 26 cards with me, for my young brother

  29. Vinayak

    I have 15 cards please I want cycle

  30. Praveen sethi

    My son collect. 31cards 8golden and 6silver

  31. subratkumargarnaik

    i have all cards of 30

  32. Satyam das

    I have 15 Shiva power cards

  33. karan das

    I have collect 30 cards

  34. Dhrumi jain

    I have a 15 card of shiva choki choki 1 gold and 1 silver pls give me cycle Shiva.

  35. panduranga r

    i have 15 shivA cards

  36. Rajat

    My daughter has collected shiva cards

  37. bhavesh nema

    I have collected 15 shiva card

  38. Dhruv Middha

    I have 83 cards please call me on this number 7688802449 i have16 gold cards also……

  39. I have 83 cards please call me on this number 7688802449

  40. I Have colected 15 Shiva Cards

  41. Hardik

    I have 65 card call me 9842386247

  42. Sirisha

    Tell us the email address where we need to send shiva cards

  43. Hello I am shifa. I am collecting shiva cards till March to have a shiva bycycle but the offer has gone but now I have 15 shiva cards so pleeeeeeease give me a shiva bicycle at this time ☺

  44. Danish

    Hi hlo shiva iam danish i have collected 30 shiva cards first time i need cycle so please give me a shiva cycle dear please please

  45. Shaurya agrawal

    My name is shaurya agrawal I am 8 years old I have 33 shiva carts I want to win shiva bicycle so pleeeeeeeeeeease give me shiva bicycle

  46. Sanjay jain

    My brother collect more then 15 card

  47. Rhishikesh T S

    Hai shiva I’m your favorite fan lhave collected 15 cards pls I want acycle

  48. Suman jain

    I have so many y shiva cards I m from mysore karnatka

  49. Suman jain

    My kids want shiva cycle nd they love to see shiva show

  50. I have 15 shiva cards

  51. i have many shiva card

  52. Pcmahour

    I have many shiva card 20
    My address (118gali post office Subzi mandi delhi110007

  53. bhaviya Sagar

    I have a 20 cards(My address is 19/214 dakhshin puri extension new delhi pincode=110062

  54. Aayush Pawar

    I have 15 Shiva power cards including 4 silver power cards

  55. Bhavya shah

    I have 89power cards

  56. My son vinay collect total Shiva power cards 32.4 Silver cards.28 Power cards.He want Shiva cycle

  57. I have 98 shiva cards

  58. Madhav

    I have collected 15 cards to win Shiva bicycle.please suggest me the next step to win this.

  59. Hi
    I am Namith.P
    I have 15 shiva power cards

  60. We have more than 180 shiva cards and having all the 30 shiva cards and having more than 10 gold and silver cards

  61. Sunita nayak

    I have collected 17 shiva cards call me on 9438854447

  62. Hi i have 15 shiva card pliz contact me 8794492673

  63. Kunal sahu

    Hi I have a complete 30 cards and all cards is 35 and my contact 9009767234 OK thanks you

  64. Hi I have a complete 30 cards and all cards is 35 and my contact 9009767234 OK thanks you in live in sagar mp chandra shekhar ward

  65. Monty hasija

    I have 15 shiva card plz contact me 9988392214

  66. Muili Y.Anar

    My son 8yrs old is very interested in shiva card collection Sir,can u please details the rules and information of latest contest to let my son participate in your choki choki shiva card contest please Sir?any information mob no-7005068767.

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