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Choki Choki Collect Shiva Game Cards – Chance to Win 100 Shiva Bicycle

Collect All 30 Shiva Game Cards to Win 100 Shiva Cycles and Lots of Exciting Prizes (Winners List Updated)

Amazing News for all candidates which wants to win Shiva Cycles and Lots of Exciting Prizes. Just participates under the Choki Choki Collect Shiva Game Cards Contest and make your chance to win 100 Shiva Cycles and Lots of Exciting Prizes.


Check Winners List From here


This contest is running on the Choki Choki Facebook page. Any interested candidates can participates under this amazing contest. This is an amzing contest where any candidates have to Collect all 30 Shiva Game Cards to win 100 Shiva Cycles and Lots of Exciting Prizes. Just Courier all 30 Game Cards (returnable) along with your full name, address & contact number to the below address.

For More Details Check Here

Contest Last Date : 31st March, 2017


Parcipate Again New Choki Choki Shiva Cycle Contest : Collect Shiva Cards and Win Shiva cycles Every Day


Address :
Choki Choki Team, Inbisco India Pvt. Ltd.,
304, Town Centre-II, Opp. Times Square, Marol,
Andheri(E), Mumbai- 400059

It’s very interesting contest where any candidates can participates and win 100 Shiva Cycles and Lots of Exciting Prizes.

So start sending your entry to win prizes!!

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  1. Mahipalsinh vaghela

    My complat 30 shiva card

    1. sridhar

      l have 30 shiva cards

    2. Raj deep Bhowmik

      I have also 30 all

    3. Thygaraj

      How to apply in contest

  2. Krishna Sharma

    I have 30 shiva card but what will we do

    1. shomant kumar shakya


  3. My shiva 30 card

  4. 45lohar colony ayad udaipur

    He have collect all 30shiva cards

    1. When Shiva cycle come

  5. When Shiva cycle come

    1. How to get Shiva cycle

      1. I collect 30card

        1. Sujith

          I want to see the Shiva cycles

      2. I collect 30card
        I not get Shiva cycle

      3. I collect 67 cards

      4. Siddhartha

        Don’t believe them full of false statement given by choki choki department

  6. My complat 30 Shiva card

    1. Ravi kesarwani

      My complet siva card

  7. Ayad lohar coloni m.n 55 gali.n 2

  8. Shiva cycle Kaise milegi

  9. Bharat gandotra

    When Shiva cycle come I have couriered cards I have couried on 27 feb

    1. Mohammed zaid

      I have collected 30 cards how to get the cycle

  10. Bharat gandotra

    My address sec -5 rohini Delhi b-5 444-445

  11. yuvangopal

    I love shiva cycle and I like choki choki very much

  12. yuvangopal

    I complete all 30 cards and when shiva cycle come

  13. My 30 Shiva cards have been completed then what can I do

  14. ramakant

    My Shiva card complete

  15. ramakant

    30 complete

  16. Tanja bisht

    Tanuja Bisht

  17. I have 50 Shiva power cards

  18. Avadhoot

    I like choki choki very much

  19. Ankit sahu

    I have collect all shiva card’s

  20. Ankit sahu

    All 30 card’s collected…

  21. I complete all choki choki card come my Cycle

  22. Armaan

    I have 78 shiva power cards!

  23. I have 68 shiva cards

  24. 1 have 38 Shiva card

  25. zawwad

    I have collect all 30 different card

  26. zawwad

    I have 193 cards

  27. Ranjith

    i have 90 cards

  28. 30 card cycle adress uppinangady

  29. I have 30 shiva power cards.I love choki choki.

  30. I have collected a 30 cards but what will I do

  31. I have got Shiva power cards.

  32. I love Shiva power cards

  33. It was nice but how follow them we don’t know

  34. I have a 30 collected power card. I love choki choki

  35. Parth kanase

    i have collected 30 cards

  36. madhav soni

    i am complete 30 cards and after

  37. Ashok padhi

    1:I have 5 shiva gold card
    2: I have 10 shiva silver card
    3:I have 48 shiva power card

  38. Bapanapalli Siva Prasad

    My son was collected 30 cards.

  39. Pranay

    I have collected all 30 Shiva power cards

    1. Awesome
      Nice Bicycle

  40. I am complete 30 shiva card

  41. My son had collected 30cards

  42. My crackle cab

  43. I have 2 shiva power cards gold or silver

  44. Parth

    4 gold cards 5 silver cards 21 power cards all card are collected

  45. Shehzad

    i have collected 150 cards

  46. Sameer

    I have shive 30 Cards

  47. Md kaif JAMADAR

    I have shive 100 card

  48. l have collected all shiva 30 cards

  49. Bijaya Kumar Patra

    My Son chhotu has collected 30 shiva cards.

  50. shivam patel

    i have collected all 165 shiva power card i have not got cycle is this fake are u doing joke with us. i have wasted lot of money for this

  51. Johinth. M

    I complete all choki choki cards,come my cycle

    1. Johinth. M

      On with day Shiva cycle

  52. When did shiva cycle come I have collected 35 cards

  53. Naved khan

    I have 30 Shiva game cards then I wond Shiva cycle

    1. Naved khan

      And my address is 8/46 hung ki Mandi Lado Gali my give my cycle

  54. Naved khan

    I have all 300 cards

  55. Nilesh choudhary

    I have completed 30 shiva cards

    1. Nilesh choudhary

      When I will get shiva cycle

  56. I am Shiva game 30 card win a

  57. Gitesh vichare

    I have collected 30 cards
    I want my cycle

  58. Bhuvan

    I collected all 30 Shiva cards

  59. Bhuvan

    I Bhuvan collected all 30 Shiva cards

  60. immanuval.a

    I have also collected 30cards.I’m waiting for winning cycle.

  61. ABRAR

    How to send 30shiva card my phone number is 8951093701

  62. ajay

    ihave 30 shiva powercards

  63. atharva

    I have collected 120 shiva cards

  64. I have also colleced 30 cards I’m waiting for wining cycle

  65. 1)12 bad boys 2) 9 shiva cards 3) 3 siver cards 3) 6 shiva friends cards

  66. Shubham dhakar

    Cards collection 100

    1. Shubham dhakar

      I am waiting for winning cycle

  67. yuvangopal

    i collect all 30 cards
    i all ready set a comment
    i did not get the cycle

  68. dhruv

    i collect all 30 cards

  69. Sagar

    I have collect all 30 shiva game cards.
    I want cycle. I love choki choki. Please reply to me earlier

  70. Akshay

    I have collect all 30 shiva game cards.
    I want cycle. I love choki choki. Please reply to me earlier

  71. Collected
    the card

  72. Sesham Hiten

    Choki choki is very delicious and cards are very nice to play game.I collect all 30 Shiva card’s. Thank you.

  73. I Have Collect Full 59 SHIVA Game Cards

  74. I love SHIVA.When I see ad on t.v after 1 weak I go and bring 5 choki choki in 4 weak I have collect 30 card.

  75. Humza pansare

    I have collected 30card my phone number is 9028492094 plz call me or SMS me

  76. Goutam bansal

    My brother collects 30cards of shiva

  77. Shivpatel

    Shiv Ambica socity jahaj
    Shivpatel069gamil 069gamilcom

  78. I have 30 shiva card how to do.

  79. Rakesh

    My sister jigyasa gothwal sending 30 shiva cards by courier in choki Choki team Mumbai jigyasa everyday told me bhaiya meri cycle kab aayega

  80. Rudra Mittal

    Shiva cycle kese melagi

  81. Rudra Mittal

    How to send cards

  82. M.Tanisha

    I have 30 shiva cards how to get shiva cycle please call 9440124778 me are send message

  83. I have collecte 70 Shiva cards…

  84. Rithish

    I have 61 Shiva cards

  85. yash bhutada

    i have 120 shiva cards

  86. I have completed 30 Shiva cards

  87. Panchal krupal

    I have 137 siva power kards how to get a siva cykal
    My call no.8155010889

  88. Ishan pandey

    Plz i am a student from kolkata with 30 shiva cards ,waiting for your reply

  89. niraj kowale

    I have collected all 30 shiva powerv cards

  90. Pooja choudhary

    I have 30 card ….when will be give me cycle

  91. lavi

    I have 30 cards

  92. Hemal Girdhar Parikh



  93. Pathan maaz

    I have 30 card when you give me bycicle

  94. I collect 102 siva cards

  95. Sameena Farooque wangde

    We have 30 cards but how we will get shiva cycle

  96. we have 30 cards I m waiting for Shiva cycle

    1. we have 40 cards I’m waiting for shiva

  97. My complat 30 shiva card

  98. 30 shvia power card

  99. Gulam

    I have got 30 shiva card

    1. darshan


  100. Varun

    I have 30 cards

  101. I collected 30shiva cards

  102. Tarun mittal

    I have 15 cards

  103. Tarun mittal

    I have 18 cards (3gold) 1jet skt 2 choki (6 silvar)2 bicycle 2 egg dispensor 2 watch (9 power) 2reva 2 amazing shiva 1 bold shiva 1 swift shiva 1tornado 1 lobo 1 pappu

  104. Nikhil

    I have collected 16 Shiva cards

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