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CBC Music Searchlight Contest 2019

Searchlight is a CBC Music’s long-running hunt for Canada’s undiscovered musical talent where team invites CBC Music Searchlight Contest time to time. This year also the team has been invited the contest and providing you a chance to win a spot in the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class artist development program at Coalition Music in Toronto, Ontario. Visit and submit your entry with your details to be a lucky winners. You also can go to Artist Entries page to listen and vote for your favourite Searchlight song.


CBC Music Searchlight Contest 2019

Eligibility: The Contest is open to legal residents of the Canada, who are 13 years of age or older.

Duration: The CBC Searchlight Contest begins on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019 at 12:01 a.m. ET to Thursday, March 7, 2019, at 6 a.m. ET.

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(1) Grand Prize: A spot in the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class artist development program at Coalition Music in Toronto, Ontario.

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  1. Paula Dixon

    Last week I had shared an idea with CBC regarding Search light, The more I thought about it the more ideas developed. SearchLIght, Today , its all about who gets the most votes, great hype. So many artists are out there. Our artists, Amazing beautiful talented Canadians , All deserve more than a vote.
    CBC has always stood out to be different. WE dont have to fall behind the Launch ,the Idol, and The best in the world. We are unique ,
    CBC has an opportunity to do it different. Think about 1 hour , once a week, where you take all the artists, and feature them. Everyone who has submitted, has taken a risk, Put their life dream, on a voting block. and left it to the masses to seal their fate.
    . Be different CBC, No man left behind. They are all deserving. (Let em play!! ) quote from a song.
    I think we need to stop the hype, and the judges, who is the show for anyway, the Artists or the commentary of the Judges? lol I know the judges do add flair! They could be a part of it, helping artists to zone in on their best skills.
    I think CBC, has an opportunity to do it Canadian style , We have talent , Create a show that shows off all our artists. It would be a wonderful addition to your line ups . Don’t be like everyone else. CBC, never have in the past, why start now. Be original like the artists you feature. They deserve it.
    Sent this letter to CBC
    To further this idea, I also thought wouldn’t it be cool to feature these artists in different venues across Canada. Start in NewFoundland ,on Great George Street, Run one weekly show at an actual pub or club, but not the most popular or the corporate franchises or the casinos’s. Go to The pubs that serve home made food and truly care about quality, not mass production.
    By doing this CBC’s coverage helps out another local owner to achieve a little well deserved. success, BY doing that you’ve created opportunities for smaller Canadian clubs and pubs to compete.
    Search light travels all over Canada with their concept, Nest stop a show in Cape Breton, and on and on and on till we run out of provinces and territories. . Pick places that are unique and beautiful that shows off our Country at its best. The spin offs would be beneficial for everyone in the community. Every spot has a story, and you build on that. Maybe the pubs and clubs could have a special offer to the public after the show airs. $5.00 dollars off your order if you mention you saw this pub on CBC Search light. The owners provide a ballad to everyone who participates. It gets sent off to CBC and the winners win 2 tickets to the Juno awards. ( also you could feature a major artist from the area to come and do a song , like Matt Minglewood, in Sydney, Matt Anderson, from N.B. Lennie Gallant from Rustico, the list goes on. I can only hope that my idea has sparked an interest and the powers that be, get exicited about this new endeavor and run with it. Who knows what can happen from a single spark. What If!!!

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