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504 GB SanDisk Winner List 2016,

SanDisk Festival Bonanza Winner List | 504 GB SanDisk Winner Details

Here we have a Good News For all Candidates which was participate under the contest of “Win 504 GB SanDisk Festival Bonanza Contest”. Recently the has been announced the winner list of the 504 GB SanDisk Contest. A large number of candidates have been participated under this fablous contest to win 504 GB Sandisk Pandrive. Many candidates have been won the Pandrive and many candidates also are waiting to know their name on the Winner List.

SanDisk Festival Bonanza is a fablous contest where SanDisk International Limited ( has been invited a contest of SanDisk Festival Bonanza Contest 2016. This contest will run between 1st of September, 2016 and ends on 31st of January, 2017.

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Winner Notification :
1. Administrator will contact the Daily Winner via SMS or via a phone call to the mobile number associated with the Entry.
2. Winner details will also be available on and will be published on SanDisk India Facebook page on a weekly basis.
3. The Administrator will not be able in the event that such message does not reach such potential winner on any account whatsoever.
4. Further, any complaints/grievance/claims, whether legal or commercial with regard to the said SMS message or phone call shall not be entertained by the Sponsor or the Administrator.


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